Enstrom Selects Onboard Systems Cargo Hook
for the 280FX & F-28F Aircraft
Enstrom 280FX aircraft
Enstrom F-28F aircraft
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Onboard Systems announced that Enstrom Helicopters has selected the TALON® LC Keeperless Cargo Hook for factory installation on their 280FX and F-28F piston-powered helicopters. Enstrom previously selected this Onboard cargo hook for factory installation on their 480B aircraft in January 2008.

Known for their superior performance at high altitudes and in hot temperatures, the 280FX and F-28F models are popular with flight schools, businesses and law enforcement agencies. These customers will now be able to perform external load work using Onboard’s safe, reliable and cost-effective TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook, which is designed to release 2.5 times the rated load. In an emergency situation—such as a longline snag—this important feature gives pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load. In addition, the keeperless hook can safely use a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles, offering maximum flexibility for operators.

According to Tracy Biegler, Director of Sales & Marketing at Enstrom, “Our positive experience in adding Onboard’s hook to the 480B program earlier this year made it a logical next-step to offer this cargo hook on our other models. Enstrom takes great pride in expertly combining performance, safety and affordability in our aircraft, and Onboard’s demonstrated commitment to these same principles makes it easy to offer their cargo hook as another great option for our entire line of helicopters.”

“We are pleased that our TALON cargo hooks are now available for installation on multiple Enstrom helicopters,” said Jason Lemmon, President and General Manager of Onboard Systems. “Enstrom’s piston-powered helicopters are designed to work well in extreme environments, and we are confident that our products will enable these operators to safely perform external load work under the widest range of conditions possible.”

About Enstrom
Founded in 1959, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation manufactures a complete line of helicopters including the three-place, piston-powered F28F and 280FX, and the turbine-powered 480B. The 480B also is available as a three-place advanced trainer or as a three- to five-place VIP aircraft. For law enforcement applications, the 480B is known as the Guardian and the F28F is called the Sentinel.