New BO105 Hydraulic Hook Receives FAA Certification
Picture of the new BO105 Hydraulic Hook with protective bumper in place
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Onboard Systems has developed a new hydraulic cargo hook kit for the Eurocopter BO105 aircraft, which was recently certified by the FAA and is now in production. The kit has also been submitted to Transport Canada and should be certified for use in Canada in the near future. 
According to Jason Lemmon, General Manager of Onboard Systems, “Our new hydraulic hook kit was designed to eliminate increasing numbers of inadvertent cargo releases from the legacy cargo hook equipment on the BO105 helicopters. Our new replacement cargo hook kit provides a cost-effective solution to this problem.”

Excessive movement during external load operations can unintentionally activate an improperly rigged manual release cable on a cargo hook system, causing an inadvertent release of the load. The hydraulic system will only open the hook when the pilot activates the release handle—snagging or damage to the cable will not lead to accidentally dropping the cargo. In addition to the hydraulic release, the new kit features a bumper ring and improved positioning to further protect control cables and electrical connectors from damage.

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