Photo Gallery: Volo Mission

Volo Mission Logo
No. Employees: 5
No. Helicopters: 1
Location: Campbell, Texas
Rotary Aircraft in Fleet:
  • Robinson R44
External Load Work:
  • Pilot Training
  • Ground Crew Training
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Our thanks to Kimberly and Andre Hutchings with Volo Mission in Campbell, Texas for sharing this issue’s helicopter photo gallery with us—and all of our readers. This photo gallery features images from Volo Mission' external load training course, and a joint project with Onboard Systems and the new TALON Auto-Loc Cargo Hook System.

About Volo Mission

The external load industry is one with high demands and workload not only for the pilot, but also for all other members of the crew as well as the machine. Volo Mission is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure pilots and ground crews receive the best training possible.

While pilots may have extensive flight experience, many need a more enhanced skillset for external load operations. Volo Mission understands what a lack of proper longline and vertical reference training can cost you therefore they are on a mission to prepare pilots and ground crews so that they can execute their job with success.

Volo Mission’s 60 acre training location in Campbell, Texas is set up exclusively and entirely for training vertical reference and long line. There are wooded areas for confined operations, different size practice rings for load placement precision, Alaskan-style heliports to master vertical reference, a pond for fire bucket training, and open areas to practice other exercises such as placing power poles and air conditioning units. In addition, Volo Mission has invested in top-of-the-line equipment (i.e. Barry Cordage nets and long lines of varying lengths, an SEI Bambi bucket, and Onboard Systems cargo hook equipment), as well as a medical litter for practicing emergency medical situations in the field. 

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For more information on the Volo Mission team and upcoming courses, please contact:

Volo Mission
590 CR 3202
Campbell, TX

Phone: +1-562-355-5713



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