New Jet Ranger Replacement Cargo Hook Kit

Our redesigned replacement cargo hook kit for the Jet Ranger (P/N 200-267-02 ) gives you many improvements over our original replacement cargo hook kit.
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Onboard Systems has developed a new replacement cargo hook kit for the Jet Ranger that offers operators a significant improvement in ground clearance. Built around our TALON® LC Keeperless Cargo Hook, our replacement kit for the Bell 206 A & B aircraft includes a redesigned universal link that eliminates the need for extra connectors. The optional Onboard Weighing System for this kit uses our pin load cell technology to replace the attach bolt, further increasing ground clearance. Other advantages include:

  • Redesigned Universal Link — The “Y” adapter from our original kit has been replaced with a streamlined, universal link, giving you fewer parts to manage, plus 5 more inches of ground clearance.

  • Airframe & Hook Protection — Built-in travel limits keep the hook from striking the airframe and relieve strain on the hook control cables.

  • Onboard Weighing System Option — Uses our pin load cell technology to replace the attach bolt, eliminating the need for extra linkage. Maximize load efficiency while reducing airframe stress by knowing the exact weight of your load.

  • TALON LC Keeperless Hook — Our third generation cargo hook sets the standard in reliability — a high quality, lighter weight and lower cost hook that also costs less to maintain over the life of the product.
New Jet Ranger Replacement Hook Kit Comparison
BEFORE & AFTER — Onboard’s original Bell Jet Ranger Replacement Cargo Hook Kit (P/N 200-267-01) is shown on the left, with a keepered hook, the “Y” adapter, and link-style load cell. Our new, next-generation Bell Jet Ranger Replacement Cargo Hook Kit (P/N 200-267-02) is on the right and is shown with our pin load cell and redesigned universal link. It has fewer parts, less linkage, and integrated travel stops—plus, it’s about 5 inches (127 MM) shorter for better ground clearance.
  • Improved Ground Clearance — Offers additional clearance from the lowest hanging point of the cargo hook, which is important for operations in remote field locations where prepared landing pads are few and far between.

  • Easy Maintenance & Overhaul — Onboard cargo hooks can be overhauled in the field, at our factory or by a qualified repair facility using simple hand tools. Quick parts availability minimizes downtime!

  • Easy Field Installation — Available in easy-to-install kits for new installation or replacement of existing hook equipment.

  • Release Safety — Onboard cargo hooks are designed to release 2.5 times rated load. In an emergency situation, such as a longline snag, Onboard hooks give pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load.

  • Trade-In Credit — Onboard Systems offers trade-in credits for competitor products, as well as upgrades. Please see our Trade-in Program Sheet for more details.

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