Photo Gallery: Heli-TV Sa

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No. Employees: 20
No. Helicopters: 5
Location: Lodrino, Switzerland
Rotary Aircraft in Fleet:
  • EC20
  • AS350 B3+
  • SA 315 B Lama
  • AS 332 C1
Type of work performed:
  • Logging
  • Montage
  • Mountain aerial work
  • Suburban aerial work
  • Human External Cargo
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Our thanks to Gianluca Bouchard of Heli TV SA in Lodrino, Switzerland for sharing this issue’s helicopter photo gallery with us—and all of our readers. The gallery came courtesy of Gianluca's Instagram account, which features many stunning helicopter images.

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For more information on the Heli TV team and capabilities, please contact:

Heli TV SA
Centro Aeronautico, 6527
Lodrino, Switzerland

Phone: +0041 (0) 918734040

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