Photo Gallery: Chartright

No. Employees: 100+
No. Helicopters: 3
Location: Toronto, Canada
Rotary Aircraft in Fleet:
  • Agusta 119 Koala
  • Agusta 109S & AW109SP
External Load Work:
  • Utility
  • Construction
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Our thanks to Simon Lareau of Chartright in Toronto, Canada for sharing this issue’s helicopter photo gallery with us—and all of our readers. This photo gallery features their Agusta A119 Koala fitted with an Onboard Systems cargo hook kit lifting building materials from a staging area and delivery to a secluded island. The area is protected and construction vehicles were not allowed, which made delivery of the building materials by helicopter the only approved method. In addition, the helicopter moved large pre-built assemblies in place while ground crews fastened the sections.

Since 1987, Chartright has been offering aircraft charter and management services to individuals and businesses throughout Canada. Their headquarters are in Toronto, Canada and have subsidiary base locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and Timmins.

They have a team of over 100 that support multiple facets of the company from maintenance to catering for the charter flights. A fully-staffed flight control center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring Chartright's flights around the world.

Photo Gallery

For more information on the Chartright team and capabilities, please contact:

Chartright / Corporate Office
2450 Derry Road East
Hangar #6
Mississauga, ON L5S 1B2

Phone: +1-800-595-9395

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