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Recently, the USFS issued an Interagency Aviation Tech Bulletin (IATB 2014-03) to advise their fire service contractors about an Onboard Systems Service Bulletin from 2011 (159-030-00) to replace a manual release cable on affected Bell 206L and 407 aircraft.

Onboard Systems maintains records of product sales, and we do send out service bulletins to affected customers. However, we know that operators buy, sell and trade aircraft and equipment frequently, and so it is possible that they may be unaware that the helicopter they are leasing has equipment that may be in need of service.

Technical Contact eMail List
Because safety is our highest priority, we are creating a specific email list to help us keep you informed about important service alerts and bulletins for our cargo hook products and external load equipment. If you would like to add yourself to our list of contacts for Service Alerts & Bulletins, please click the subscribe button below:

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This dedicated email list will only be used when we issue new Service Alerts & Bulletins — it will not be used for any other purpose.

List of Service Bulletins on our Website
Onboard Systems also maintains a table of all Service Alerts & Bulletins issued and the parts affected at our website. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime:

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Sign Up for Documentation Notification Service
In addition, we offer a free Documentation Update Notification Service that allows you to register your Onboard Systems products. If the documentation is updated, or if a service bulletin or alert is issued, you will be notified by email or fax:

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