Photo Gallery: Heliventures New Zealand

Heliventures Logo
No. Employees: 3 full-time, 2 casual
No. Helicopters: 2
  • Oamaru (South Island, New Zealand)
Aircraft in Fleet:
  • MD 520N Notars
External Load Work:
  • Fertilizer Application & Seeding
  • Gravel Distribution
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Various Agricultural Applications
  • Other General External Loadwork

Heliventures NZ Ltd was established in 2009 and has provided a professional commercial and agricultural aerial service to the North Otago, South Canterbury and McKenzie Country regions since 2011.

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Our thanks to Craig McMillian of Heliventures New Zealand for sharing this issue's amazing helicopter external load photo gallery with us—and all of our readers. This photo gallery features images from various external load operations in New Zealand.

Heliventures was established in March of 2011 with one 520N Notar by Craig McMillan and his partner Nicki Perniskie. Craig grew up around helicopters and has been flying since he was 18 years old. Heliventures has been operationg out of a small lifestyle block and are currently in the process of building a hangar and office block at the Oamaru Airport. With the recent acquisition of a second 520N, the company plans to use contract pilots to fly it this season and plans to hire another full-time pilot after the New Year.

In winter this year, Heliventures pilots spent a solid week mustering and snow raking in the high country after heavy snowfall which stranded large amounts of livestock. This work involved flying musterers and their dogs to isolated mobs of sheep and cattle in alpine areas. They also made tracks for them to walk down to lower country where Heliventures had flown large bales of hay in to feed the animals. They used a specialized device which was dragged through the snow with the helicopter to make the tracks, making it easier for the musters to move the livestock out of the deep snow. Heliventures also lifted mobs of sheep with our cargo nets to more accessible land.

Photo Gallery

Contact information:

Heliventures New Zealand Limited
23 Grove Avenue
Weston, Oamaru
New Zealand

Phone: +027 855 2401
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