Metric Product Number 210-180-35

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Analog Meter (Dial Scale 3,000 KG)

Sometimes, the at-a-glance visual feedback of an analog meter does the job even better than a digital readout. Why not have both in your cockpit during external load operations The optional analog slave meter provides a highly accurate secondary display without needle bounce. The large dial and steady needle assures quick and accurate load reading. The analog meter is compatible with all of the Onboard Weighing Systems.



  • Easy to Order: Lets you place an order for a single part number, rather than having to identify each part individually and then place an order for a miscellaneous list of washers, bushings, bearings, cotter pins and other small parts.
  • Environmentally Sealed: For moisture resistance and long life.
  • Mounts Almost Anywhere: Meter mounts in a standard 3-1/8" instrument hole or other convenient location.
  • Pound or Kilogram Dial Faces: Dials available in either pounds or kilograms in a wide range of scales.


  • Part Number210-180-35
  • Dial Scale 3,000 kg