Bell 204, 205, 212 & 412 Product Number 210-092-00

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Cargo Hook Bumper Ring Kit

Given the harsh operating conditions of many external load missions, you need to protect both your cargo hook and your aircraft. Our Bumper Ring Kit replaces the original magnesium Bell bumper ring with a superior, second generation polymer design that resists cracking and better absorbs the torque caused by load movement during flight.


For installation on Breeze-Eastern hook or Onboard Systems keepered hook 528-002-XX


  • Polymer Bumper Ring: Crack-resistant polymer bumper ring protects the the hook, the cables, and the airframe from swinging loads.
  • Bolt-on Ring Installation: The ring is a direct bolt-on installation for the original Bell cargo hook system.


  • Part Number210-092-00
  • Unit Weight 3 lb. (1.36 kg)