Airbus Helicopters EC135 Product Number 200-375-00

Price: $ 7,845.00

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TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook Replacement Kit

Maintaining or overhauling old, outdated cargo hooks is expensive — both

in terms of cost and in turnaround time. Why not save time and expense with a robust and readily available replacement cargo hook from Onboard Systems? With
latest generation innovations and improvements, lower future overhaul costs, and quick availability to reduce downtime, our replacement cargo hook
kits are clearly the most cost-effective solution available.


Approved for installation on single cargo hook configuration only


  • Easy Field Installation: Available in easy-to-install kits for new installation or replacement of existing hook equipment.
  • Easy Maintenance & Overhaul: Onboard cargo hooks can be overhauled in the field, at our factory, or by a qualified repair facility using simple hand tools. Quick parts availability minimizes downtime!
  • Trade-in Credit: Onboard Systems offers trade-in credits for competitor products, as well as upgrades. Please see our Trade-in Program Sheet
  • Release Safety: Onboard cargo hooks are designed to release 2.5 times rated load. In an emergency situation, such as a longline snag, Onboard hooks give pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load.
  • TALON® Keeperless Cargo Hook: Our keeperless hook for the EC135 handles a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles while eliminating the possibility of losing a load that inadvertently gets past the keeper.
  • The Onboard Advantage: Our cargo hook kits can be installed on new or existing aircraft using standard hand tools. Time between overhauls is five years or 1,000 operating hours. And because Onboard Systems maintains a large inventory of cargo hook kits and spare parts, we can usually ship your order out quickly.


  • Part Number200-375-00
  • Design Load 3,000 lb. (1,361 kg)
  • Ultimate Strength 11,250 lb. (5,102 kg)
  • Release Capacity 7,500 lb. (3,402 kg)
  • Minimum Release Load 0 lb. (0 kg)
  • Unit Weight 3.67 lb. (1.66 kg)
  • Typical Overhaul 5 years/1,000 hours