Airbus Helicopters AS350 B2 & previous; Airbus Helicopters H130 (EC130 B4) Product Number 200-299-00

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Fuel Drain Guard Kit

Operators using a swing cargo hook system on their AS350 aircraft could potentially have an inadvertent loss of fuel if the swing frame makes contact with the fuel drain lever located on the belly of the aircraft. This critical safety hazard can deplete the aircraft's fuel level without the pilot's knowledge — leading to a life-threatening situation. Onboard Systems has developed and certified a Fuel Drain Guard Kit that helps eliminate the potential for accidental fuel release and is a vital safety improvement for this aircraft.


Designed for aircraft with B2 style dual fuel pump type tank


  • Mechanical Barrier: Provides a mechanical barrier that helps prevent the fuel drain lever from being accidentally activated by movement of the cargo hook swing system.
  • Better Positioning: Guard raises the original Airbus fuel drain lever, positioning it higher for greater protection on the aircraft belly.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Interfaces with the existing Airbus fuel drain, lever, and control cable.
  • No Modification Needed: Attaches to the bottom of the fuel tank without any modifications.