MD600 Product Number 200-231-03

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MD600 Cargo Hook Attach Point

The MD600 series helicopters can perform a variety of duties, but not all aircraft come standard with the increased capability that an external cargo hook mount point provides. The Onboard Systems mount point is a compact, simple yet effective design that augments the MD series aircraft with the structural capability upon which to add a cargo hook and Onboard Weighing System. The cargo hook mount is a robust design with built-in bump stops to prevent the hook from over traveling in the right and left direction and damaging the aircraft skin.



  • Rugged & Durable Construction: Precision manufactured from stainless steel alloys for the optimum combination of low weight and high strength.
  • Airframe & Hook Protection: Built-in travel limits keep the hook from striking the airframe and relieve strain on the hook control cables.
  • Easy Maintenance: Bushings at all wear joints are easily overhauled or replaced in the field and provide extended product life.
  • Installs Easily: Mounts directly on the aircraft fuselage with four mounting bolts.
  • Integrated Spacer Block: Positions the hook away from the aircraft belly to relieve strain and extend control cable life.


  • Part Number200-231-03
  • Unit Weight 1.23 lb. (.56 kg)
  • Ultimate Strength 9,375 lb. (4,252 kg)
  • Design Load 2,500 lb. (1,134 kg)