Crophawk Product Number 200-165-00

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Crophawk 7/B System with 2-inch Nickel plated Aluminum Flow Section with LV Cartridge

Applying precise amounts of chemicals to the field is one of the most critical tasks for aerial applicators. Today’s ag-pilot needs to know exactly how much is being dispensed to ensure proper coverage, accurate billing and environmental law compliance. That’s why the Crophawk® Flow Monitoring System has become indispensable on thousands of crop dusters in operation today.



  • High-Accuracy Flow Meters: Crophawk Flow Meters are typically accurate to better than 1% error. The Crophawk is the only flow meter that offers interchangeable cartridges that allow an operator to change from low volume work to high volume and back again in just a couple of minutes
  • Easy-to-Read Cockpit Display: Features half-inch high digits. The backlighting circuit can be tied into the main instrument backlighting. A simple button layout can be preprogrammed to any of the 16 available modes, including gallons per minute, gallons per acre, gallons in the tank,


  • Part Number200-165-00
  • Electrical Requirements 12-31 VDC