Airbus Helicopters H145 (EC145 T2)

Cargo Hook Kit with TALON LC Hydraulic Hook

If you opt for a cargo hook system on your Airbus Helicopters H145 (EC145 T2) aircraft, you'll be glad to know it's from Onboard Systems. Airbus Helicopters worked directly with Onboard to develop a state-of-the-art cargo hook system for the H145/EC145 T2 aircraft, and it shows!

Onboard's cargo hook kit for the Airbus Helicopters EC145 T2 aircraft allows operators to expand their capabilities with single and dual hook options. Long-life bushings at each wearing joint and anodizing better protect against salt corrosion in marine environments.


Available exclusively through Airbus Helicopters


  • Single or Dual Hook Configuration: The same hook can be used for single or dual hook configurations on any Airbus Helicopters Common Beam system, increasing versitiliy.
  • Low Maintenance: The cargo hook and attach linkage are easily maintained with bushings at all wearing joints.
  • TALON® LC Hydraulic Common Beam Car: Our hydraulic hook greatly increases load security by using a hydraulically activated release mechanism instead of a traditional manual release cable.