The TALON® 1K Carousel Hook was designed for optimal performance when operating in a multi-hook carousel system. Based on extensive customer feedback, we built the TALON 1K Carousel Hook from the ground up to ensure it would include your most requested features, such as a dual actuation release lever to eliminate accidental releases caused by contact with branches. The design also allows easy field replacement of the power cord, as well as improved performance in icy conditions. We moved the release lever to the front of the hook to provide better access for ground crews, and added a lock indicator window to help them confirm that the load is secure. The keeperless hook design meets USFS contract requirements. Available with or without a built-in LED light.

TALON 1K Carousel Hook with Light on



  • Easily Drop Light Loads — Eliminate light load hang-up on the load beam with a hook that can open even with zero-weight loads! Also, the load beam opens to almost 90 degrees for reliable unloading.

  • Dual Action Release Lever — Helps eliminate accidental releases caused by contact with branches with a dual actuation release lever that must be pinched together to pull open. But it's easy for the ground crew to open — even with gloves!

  • Lock Indicator Window For added safety, a lock indicator window on the back of the hook gives ground crew an easy visual signal that the hook is locked.

  • Lighted Hook OptionReadily visible in direct sunlight at distances over 200 feet (for use with the SPIDER Smart Carousel System).TALON 1K Carousel Hook

  • Improved Release Lever LocationRelease lever has been moved to the narrow face of the hook for improved access when installed in carousel systems.

  • Field Replaceable Power Cord — Easy field replacement of power cord via an access cover and terminal block.

  • Lighter WeightTo decrease the overall weight of a carousel system, we reduced the hook capacity to 1K to shed two pounds per hook.

  • Increased Side Plate Protection Armor plates protect throat area from rigging damage.

  • Keeperless Cargo HookSafest hook on the market! The keeperless hook design safely handles a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles while eliminating the possibility of losing a load that inadvertently gets past a keeper. The United States Forest Service (USFS) now requires keeperless hooks for many contracts.


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