Customer Photos: Elyservice Toscana, Italy
No. Employees: 8
No. Helicopters: 3
  • Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Italy
Aircraft in Fleet:
  • AS 350 B3
Type of Load Work:
  • Firefighting
  • Construction
  • Power line
  • Ship resupply

Founded in 1995, Elyservice Toscana provides a variety of helicopter services including tourism, fire fighting, construction and aerial photography. Elyservice Toscana is located on the northwest side of the Italian peninsula.

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Our thanks to Claudio Bonanno for Elyservice Toscana for sending us some exciting fire fighting pictures from Italy. These pictures were taken by amateur photographer Marco Magnani as Claudio piloted the helicopter.

Claudio and Marco will each receive a selection of Onboard Systems promotional items, including a Leatherman tool. To find out how you can receive cool stuff in exchange for photos and video, please refer to this article.

Fire fighting in an urban setting in Italy

Top: An AS350 drops water on a hillside fire in Piombino (Tuscany) on July 15, 2008.

Below: An AS350 works a brush fire in Volterra (Tuscany) on September 11th.

An AS350 makes a bucket drop on a hillside fire in Italy