Awareness of Service Alerts & Bulletins Lets You Lift Safely

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Every operator knows that regular maintenance and safety inspections are essential to help minimize the risk of an inadvertent release. An important part of that process is to make sure that your maintenance department is aware of any service alerts or bulletins that have been issued for your cargo hook equipment.

Because safety is of paramount importance, Onboard Systems has taken a number of steps to ensure that we disseminate service alerts and bulletins to our customers as quickly and simply as possible. For example, we maintain a serial number log of equipment sold to help us identify as many affected customers as possible, and, for the sake of expediency, if we have an email address, we send out an email notificaiton. If we have a fax number, we send out a fax notification. If we don't have an email address or fax number on file, we will mail a copy of the notice.

But this only works for customer who have purchased equipment directly from us. If a part or cargo hook system was purchased through one of our worldwide distributors, we have no way of contacting the actual end user of the product—unless they have signed up for our Document Notification Service.

If you have purchased an Onboard System cargo hook kit or other equipment, it is extremely important that you take a few minutes to register your products at our website, to ensure that we are able to send important safety information to you.

Alternatively, you can check the Service Alerts & Bulletin page on our website (see image below) to see if any of your cargo hook equipment is listed there. This page features a table that lists each service bulletin and all of the parts and kits affected. It also provides links to the documents, making it easy for you to find out what needs to be done to ensure that your Onboard Systems equipment continues to operate as smoothly and safely as possible.

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