Onboard Systems has developed a new cargo hook kit for the MD600N helicopter, which has been STC certified by the FAA and will begin production shortly. Onboard has also submitted this system to Transport Canada and EASA for certification in Canada and Europe, respectively.

The new cargo hook kit is available for factory installation on new MD600N aircraft, or it can be purchased to upgrade a legacy system with all the safety innovations and design improvements the Onboard kit offers. It includes a TALON™ LC Keeperless Cargo Hook, a manual and electrical release cable, and an optional Onboard Weighing System. If you have an MD600N helicopter that has not been previously equipped with a hook, a cargo hook attach point kit is also available.

The TALON LC Keeperless Cargo Hook is designed to handle a wide variety of load ring sizes and styles, and eliminates the possibility of losing a load that inadvertently gets past the keeper. In addition, all Onboard hooks are designed to release 2.5 times rated load. In an emergency situation, such as a long line snag, Onboard hooks give pilots a significant margin of safety in which to release the cargo load.

Keeperless Cargo Hook

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