Onboard Systems new fixed beam suspension system for the Bell 407 eliminates the side-to-side banging of the original trolley system design and also offers other benefits, including weight reduction, a simplified design, built-in travel limits and improved ground clearance.


  • Weight Reduction — Elimination of the trolley system allows for a 35% reduction in weight.
  • Simplified Design — The fixed beam design greatly reduces the total part count, greatly reducing maintenance costs and requirements.
  • Built in Travel Limits — Added to both the load beam and the cargo hook to protect the hook, the suspension system and the aircraft.
  • Improved Ground Clearance — Offers additional clearance from the lowest hanging point of the cargo hook, which is important for operations in remote field locations where prepared landing pads are few and far between.

Pin Load Cell Technology

The Onboard Weighing System for the new fixed beam assembly uses Onboard’s breakthrough pin load cell technology. Pin load cells are designed to mount on one side of the hook by replacing the main attach bolt, rather than attaching as a separate link above the hook. This allows for increased ground clearance, easier cable routing and lower weight, while still allowing the pilot to know the exact weight of the load on the cargo hook to maximize load efficiency while reducing airframe stress.

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