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Fame and fortune could be yours this year—if you've got some helicopter photos and/or an interesting story to share about your organization's external load operations.

Wanted: Helicopter Load Work Shots
We are always looking for photos of helicopters performing all types of external load work, so we thought we would ask our customers to send us some pictures.

We are looking for high-resolution (300 dpi), digital images that are at least 5" x 7" (1500 x 2100 pixels) that we can use on our website and in our sales collateral. These should be pictures that you own the rights for (that is, you or someone you know is the photographer—please don't send us copyrighted images from the Internet or other sources without the permission of the photographer).

We will choose the ones we like best and publish them in upcoming issues of The Hook, giving you, the photographer, and/or your organization a plug in our newsletter. Plus, we'll send you a neat prize, too.

If your want to send multiple photos, or if they are larger than 5MB in size, please Zip or Stuffit the file(s) before sending them to us. You can e-mail them to

Wanted: Customer Success Stories
We would like to publish articles about our customers and how they use Onboard Systems products in future issues of The Hook. If you have a story to tell about how our products help you and/or your organization with your external load operations, we'd love to hear from you!

To be considered for this contest, please send an e-mail to with answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the primary focus of your business (i.e., tourism, fire fighting, transportation, heli-logging, etc.)?
  2. How many and what make(s) of helicopter(s) does your company use?
  3. How many employees work at your company?
  4. What Onboard Systems equipment do you use?
  5. Briefly tell us how using Onboard’s cargo hook equipment has helped you.

If we select your story, you'll get a $100 VISA gift card, plus we'll interview you and write a full customer profile about your organization and publish it in The Hook. (For an example of a previous profile, click here).

We look forward to seeing your photos and learning more about you!