Load Weigh System Indicators

Congratulations to our winners from the "2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey" in the previous issue of The Hook newsletter!

Nook Simple Touch™
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Jessie Ritchie
Hillsboro Aviation
Hillsboro, OR — USA

Other Winners:

Kevin Shead
Bailey Helicopters
Fort St. John, BC — Canada

Adrian Grouse
Niugini Helicopters
Kimbe — Papua New Guinea

Krista Houston
Grizzly Helicopters
Campbell River, BC — Canada

Joe Lambourn
Oakland County Sheriff's Dept.
Pontiac, MI — USA

Conny Krause
Helicopter Accessory Service
Langley, BC — Canada

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Onboard Systems is committed to customer satisfaction by continually improving product quality and customer service. As a valued customer, we appreciate your feedback.

The purpose of this issue's survey is to gather feedback on improvements for helicopter load weigh system indicators for external load operations.

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