Onboard Systems Launches Multi-Language Website
Visit Onboard's new multi-lingual website!
Onboard's website is now available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
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Onboard Systems announced that its new multi-language website is now live. Visitors can choose to review information online in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish by clicking on the appropriate language button at the top of the website screen.

Because of the sheer volume of information offered on the website, the translation work has been divided into multiple phases. The initial rollout includes translations for most of the static content on website. A second phase (scheduled to begin in 2010) will provide translations for dynamic content that is pulled from databases.

“These multiple translations are a key step towards making Onboard’s website more user friendly,” said Karsten Lemmon, Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Onboard Systems. “We expect that this enhancement will enable us to better serve our global customers and visitors by making it easier for them to review information.”

Onboard Systems’ website offers easy home-page navigation to product information, downloadable manuals and documentation, customer support, contact information, and much more. Easy one- or two-click navigation sends visitors directly to product categories that drill-down to product lines and individual products. Multi-language videos demonstrating products and technologies are also available.

For more information, please visit our website.