Customer Photos: Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. , Spain
No. Employees: 38
No. Helicopters: 9
  • Sabadell (Barcelona)
  • Amposta (Tarragona)
  • Panticosa (Huesca)
Aircraft in Fleet:
  • AS350B3
  • AS350B2
  • EC130B4
  • Bell 206B
  • Robinson R44
Type of Load Work:
  • Electrical Lines
    (Inspection and Repair)
  • External Load
  • Fire Fighting / Air Rescue
  • Filming / Photography
  • Public Transport of Passengers / Leisure
  • Agricultural Air Treatment
  • Ship resupply

Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. is a Helicopter company that was founded on 1987 in Sabadell (Barcelona). It is characterized by having a lot of experience in passenger transport and also in conducting aerial works of different types. Its headquarters is in the Sabadell’s Airport but also has several bases around the country.

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Our thanks to Xavier Domingo of Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A. for sending us these beautiful pictures of their Eurocotper AS350B3, AS350B2 and EC130B4 performing a wide variety of external cargo load work in Spain.

Xavier will receive a selection of Onboard Systems promotional items, including a duffle bag. To find out how you can receive cool stuff in exchange for photos and video, please refer to this article.

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Contact information:
Principal base of Heliswiss Ibérica, S.A.

Hangar Núm. 4, North Part
Aeroport de Sabadell
08205 Sabadell
(Barcelona) Spain.

Tef.: (+34) 93.720.60.90
Fax: (+34) 93.710.01.30