Onboard Systems EC130 Swing & Sling Cargo Hook Suspension Systems Receive EASA Certification

ABOVE: EC130 Swing Suspension System

BELOW: EC130 Sling Suspension System

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Onboard Systems announced that both its Sling and Swing cargo hook suspension systems for the Eurocopter EC130 aircraft have now been certified by EASA. These cargo hook kits have already received FAA and Transport Canada certification.

"The EC130 is usually configured for tourism, police or medical transport, but it can also be used for utility work," said Jason Lemmon, President and General Manager of Onboard Systems. "This is welcome news for European operators who are interested in adding external lifting capabilities to their aircraft to diversify their income opportunities."

“The EC130 has a respectable approved cargo swing load capacity of 2,557 pounds (the same as the AS-350 B2). With the pilot-in-command (PIC) already approved for the far-left crew seat, sling work will be an added benefit to some multi-use operators.” — Rotor & Wing

Both the Sling and Swing cargo hook systems feature Onboard's TALON LC Hydraulic Hook, which greatly increases load security. The TALON LC Hydraulic Hook is designed to minimize the risk of inadvertent cargo releases caused by excessive movement during external load operations, which can activate an improperly rigged manual release cable on a cargo hook system. The TALON LC Hydraulic Hook System allows for simplified cable routing along the belly of the aircraft, and snagging or damage to the cable will not lead to accidentally dropping the cargo.

In addition, both kits include an integrated Onboard Weighing System to reduce the risk of overload stress on the aircraft, as well as a built-in bumper ring and travel limits to protect the airframe, cables and the hook. The Swing configuration also includes a Fuel Drain Guard Kit, which provides a mechanical barrier that prevents the fuel drain lever from being accidentally activated by movement of the loaded swing suspension system.

The Sling suspension system installs using a single point mount and can safely lift loads weighing up to 1,660 LB (750 KG). The Swing suspension system installs using a 4-point mount and has a maximum load capacity of 2,557 LB (1,160 KG).

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