Complete List of Product Documentation
And Other Website Enhancements
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For those of you that have been missing the web page that listed all of our product documentation, we have some good news. It's back!

We are pleased to report that we have returned the complete list of documentation page on our website back to active duty. The page has been unavailable for several months due to programming conflicts experienced when we upgraded our website in December 2006. In addition, we have enhanced our search engine capabilities to make it easier to find information about specific products.

Documentation List
The programming issues have now been resolved, and our customers will be able to refer to this list to quickly check for the most current revision numbers for specific documents and download them as needed. In addition, please note that you can access downloads for all the documentation pertaining to specific kits and parts from the Product pages. Just click on the tab marked "Manuals & More" to see a list of all documents for each specific part.

And don't forget that we are publishing a list of all recently updated documents in every issue of The Hook. Finally, if you would like to assist us in creating the ultimate solution to this problem—an automated document update notification service—we urge you to take a moment and complete the survey in this month's newsletter.

Enhanced Website Search Functionality
To help you find what you need as quickly as possible, we have also added increased search capabilities to the "Search Products" box at the top of each page. You can now search for specific document numbers and part numbers, in addition to product names and descriptions.

Barry® Longlines Products Added to Website
As discussed in our feature article last month, we have recently become a distributor for Barry longlines, cargo nets and barrel slings. As part of our website upgrade, we have added these products to our regular website product menu. You can also download sales sheets for these products by clicking here.

As always, we value your feedback about our products, our services and our website. If there is something else we can do to our website that would make it easier for you to get the information you need, please let us know.