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If you are located in Canada, you may be wondering why you are no longer receiving email communications from Onboard Systems. Due to the new Canadian anti-spam legislation that went into effect on July 1, 2014, we needed to remove some of our Canadian operators from the subscription list to this newsletter.

That's because the new anti-spam laws require businesses to maintain written proof that all of the contacts on emails into Canada have opted-in to an email list. We did send out a few emails and a postcard follow-up mailer to all of our Canadian customers with a link to an opt-in form, but after July 1st, all Canadian contacts who had not completed the opt-in form were automatically purged from the subscriber list of this newsletter.

We know that many people read our newsletter by going to our Newsletter Archive page each quarter, and if that is how you found this article, there is another way. Simply click on the link below to agree to continue receiving our email communications and we will send The Hook to your inbox automatically each quarter.

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