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Onboard Systems designs and manufactures the best cargo hook equipment available. Safety and innovation are the core of every product we develop, and to achieve this, an integral part of our engineering process is to perform fit checks on the aircraft you fly.

In August, our engineering team partnered with Applebee Aviation for a fit check on a Bell UH-1H and UH-1B.

"There is nothing like getting our engineers out in the field for product fit checks—both early and often in the design cycle," said Witt Lemmon, Engineering Director for Onboard Systems. "When they can see that prototype installed firsthand, good things happen, and even more so when our customers add the benefit of their experience to the mix. This sort of process is impossible to achieve without being on-site, around the helicopter, and discussing how the product is installed, used, and maintained. The improvements that result from an on-site fit check could never come from the written specifications alone."

Click through the photo gallery below to see us in action.

Photo Gallery

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