Three Tips to to Expedite the Overhaul Process

Your Guide to Overhaul Options
Our new booklet, Your Guide to Overhaul Options, is available for download at our website.
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As we enter the busy summer season, here are some tips that you can use to make sure your cargo hook equipment sails through the overhaul process as quickly as possible:

Get an RMA before you send in your equipment
Before you send us a hook for service, please be sure to generate an RMA number from our website, or you can call us to get one. Box up your cargo hook securely and make sure that the RMA number is included on the outside of the package and on the transit paperwork inside of the box. This will allow us to quickly route your equipment out to the shop floor because we already know what services are needed.

Include the Attach Bolt
Many cargo hooks, such as the 528-023-XX and 528-010-XX, have a service requirement for the attach bolt. If the hook you are sending in for overhaul has a service requirement for the attach bolt, you will either have to send the attach bolt in separately or buy a new attach bolt as part of the overhaul. Either way, this oversight will increase the time and cost to perform your overhaul.

To determine if your hook has a service requirement, you can check the Component Maintainance Manual (CMM) or the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) manual to see if the attach bolt is listed on the Bill of Materials (BOM) page. If the attach bolt is listed, it has a service requirement and must be included in your package.

In most cases, the safest and easist thing to do is to always include the attach bolt. If your hook has a service requirement for the bolt, it is included in the cost of the overhaul; if it doesn't, we will simply return the attach bolt to you with your overhauled hook with no additional charges.

Service Pre-payment
The number one reason for delay in returning overhauled equipment is lack of payment. We can't ship your equipment back to you until we've received payment, and there are two ways you can expedite this part of the process. The first is to download a copy of our Credit Card Authorization Form, fill it out, and include it with your shipment. You can also fax it over to us if you prefer; just be sure to write the RMA number on the form so we can match it to your equipment when it comes in.

Alternatively, you can pay for your overhaul online, using our secure shopping cart. Our shopping cart has all of our fixed pricing for overhaul and repair services, making it fast and easy to submit payment. Be sure to include the RMA number in the "Notes" box during checkout so we can link it up with your equipment when we receive it.

You can review all of these options in detail in our booklet, Your Guide to Overhaul Options, which is available for download on our website.

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